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Arenal Volcano Hot Springs | La Fortuna area

Arenal Volcano Hot Sprigs , La Fortuna have plenty of activities to get your heart racing, but they’re also perfect for kicking back. Dip into our many natural hot springs, where you can soothe sore muscles after a long day of hiking or skiing. Many also offer water slides and kid-friendly amenities,prices vary from us$11.00 to us$80.00 as well as services.

Baldi Hot Springs

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Organize you day to take advantage of our 25 different thermal water pools, surrounded by rich and varied local vegetation… Read more

EcoTermales Fortuna

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Is one of the smallest of the La Fortuna hot springs. It has four pools of varying temperatures and one with a waterfall…. Read more

Paradise Hot Springs 

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This is  lovely place , large pool with a waterfall and several smaller, secluded pools, surrounded by lush vegetation and tropical blooms. The pools vary in temperature

Tabacón Hot Springs

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Is one of the pricier hot springs in the area. It offers several natural springs and waterfalls of varying temperatures. There are …. Read More

Los Laureles Hot Springs

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Los Laureles Hot Springs is the smallest hot spring facility in the Arenal area. A favorite of both locals and visitors alike, Las Laureles is low-key and unpretentious…Read More

Free Hot Spring | Chollin

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The thermal heated Tabacon river, which heats the springs at the famous Tabacon Resort, continues to flow past the hotel property, making…. Read  More

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