Arenal Lake Crossing

Arenal  Monteverde  Lake Crossing  & Vice Versa | Jeep boat Jeep.

It is the fastest way from Arenal to Monteverde, but in an original way. Taking only 2 ½ hours including lake crossing. Instead of 6 hours on the road around the lake. We will leave from La Fortuna at 8.30 AM and 2:30 PM in a comfortable van with enough space to take your luggage with you at all times.

Once we are at the arenal lake, we will board the boat that will take you on a 30 minute journey across the lake. On the way you will be able to see several Small Island with great panoramic views. Once we get to the other side of the lake, another van will be waiting to drive you up to Santa Elena or directly to your hotel in Monteverde. This transportation is also available from Monteverde to Arenal, La Fortunal!!

Arenal Monteverde lake crossing

Arenal Monteverde lake crossing

Arenal ,  La Fortuna –   Monteverde                    Departure : 8:30  am and 2:30 pm

Monteverde – Arenal, La Fortuna                          Departure: 8:00 am and  2: 00 pm

$25.00 per person

(506) 2479 9361

Arenal Monteverde lake Crossing & Vice Versa jeep boat jeep
Not staying at La Choza Inn, no matter. We pick you up, in La Fortuna & Monteverde area.

(506) 2479 9361



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Arenal Monteverde lake Crossing